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Building site preparation is necessary for a construction project to go smoothly. It includes breaking up the land, demolition, levelling, and much more. Tata Excavations is well-equipped to provide you with construction services that suit your timeline and budget in Melbourne. We have a fleet of bobcats, excavators, loaders and other equipment to quickly get the job done. From a landscaping project to new construction or renovation, we can handle anything. You can trust us with all your site preparation work.

Hire the Right Contractor for Excavation Site Preparation

Tata Excavations provides some of the best site preparations services because of the following reasons:

  • Experience

Every excavation project has its own challenges and the soil varies from one project to another. With years of experience, our professionals have the necessary skills to complete the job on time.

  • Services

We offer a variety of construction-related services such as site cleaning, soil removal, site cuts, base preparation, rock removal and much more.

  • Equipment

Large jobs like land preparation for building need the proper equipment to get a good finishing. We have the necessary equipment and machinery to complete the project safely and efficiently.

  • Quote

You can get an estimate from us to have an idea about the various charges involved to complete the project. We will be able to give you a breakdown of the involved costs.

Importance of Base Preparation Before Construction

Site preparation for construction is important to ensure that the property is technically ready for construction. It is essential for projects of all sizes. Regardless of how big or small the property is, our site prep contractors will help in preparing your site. The process includes the following steps.

  • Demolition

The old building needs to be torn down to prepare the site for the new construction. You can start building your site after the land and the base has been checked. Cracks must be properly repaired to ensure that they do not damage other building sections. Systematic planning and work will help in figuring out the best ways to find hazards and ensure that the materials are thrown away safely.

  • Foundation excavation

While preparing a construction site, care must be taken when performing excavation site preparation. Sites located near telecom service or railway lines must ensure that no service line or underground wiring is damaged during the excavation. Therefore, surveying underground assets and cables running below the ground is important. You need to get the wirings relocated to prevent potential damage.

  • Site clearing

Before the construction begins, everything from the ground up must be cleared out within 3 metres of the intended construction area.  This includes any under bushes, timber, trees and rocks. If the topsoil is not of the required quality for building purposes, it needs to be dug up and replaced with something more suitable.

  • Ground levelling

The ground needs to be flat and smooth for the construction to begin. There are two different ways to achieve a levelled ground. The first one is bulk excavation which involves digging to make a flat spot for the building. Footing excavation is the second type and you must ensure that the ground does not have any mud, tree roots, or loose dirt. If the site is sloped, you might need to build a level platform and it can be done in two ways. They are “cut and fill” and “split level”.

In the cut-and-fill procedure, the higher part of the land will be excavated and the lower part of the land will be filled. If the site material is unsuitable for filling, alternative options will be used. The split-level method is used for sites with steep slopes. A bulldozer will level the building area. Installing surface drains is a great way to get rid of water on sloped sites.

  • Earthmoving

Earthmoving involves moving earth, rock and other materials with the help of tools and equipment. It can include wall shafts, tunnelling and underground activity before the construction.

  • Trench digging

Trenches will be dug using manual tools such as pickaxes, shovels, or heavy equipment like trenchers, and excavators. Trenching will help in the installation, maintenance and inspection of cables and pipelines.

Why Choose Us for Building Site Preparation in Campbellfield, Melbourne?

Tata Excavations is your go-to expert for all base preparation and construction site services because of the following reasons:

  • Effective and efficient excavation services

As site preparation contractors we aim to ensure your site is effectively prepared for construction within the timeframe that suits you.

  • Environmentally friendly practices

We are committed to environmental sustainability and we segregate our waste thoroughly to avoid pollution.

  • Commitment to quality

We are responsible for producing accurate landscapes based on your requirements. With inspections at critical stages, we ensure that the quality is maintained.

  • Residential commercial and industrial properties

We perform land preparation for building residential, commercial and industrial sites. Regardless of the size of the project, we can handle it with our experience and expertise.

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A stable and sturdy concrete slab is necessary to create a levelled surface and to safely erect any type of structure. If concrete slabs are not placed properly, there is a risk of damaging the structure and diminishing the lifespan and quality of the slab.
Sub-base material containing excess moisture will be dried before compaction. Drying of wet materials will be performed and each layer shall be compacted to maximum dry density.
Steps in site preparation include site clearing, site surveying, soil testing, site plan design and investigation.
The time required to prepare a site depends on the type of construction project – whether it is residential, commercial or industrial. Other factors include the size and complexity of the project. You can contact our professionals to get an accurate estimate.
Land preparation for building involves the demolition or wrecking of buildings and other structures, clearing of building sites, and removal of demolished structures.

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