Construction Site Cleaning Services in Campbellfield, Melbourne

Construction cleaning not only applies to new projects but also to renovation projects as well. In both cases, the cleaning process takes place in three stages. Depending on the size and extent of your project, you might need some or all the services.

Tata Excavations is a leading construction services provider in Campbellfield and Melbourne. We provide excellent construction site cleaning services to all our clients at some of the most affordable prices. Everything will be taken care of, from start to finish, without even having to lift a finger.

Building Site Clean-Up with Tata Excavations

Site cleaning before the construction process begins is essential to mitigate excess dust and disruption. Pre-construction cleaning focuses on minimising the risks, potential trash, and other impediments. We will create a safe and clean work environment for future construction or renovations.

In contrast, post-construction cleaning happens at the very end, once everything else is done. You can think of it as the finishing touch. Both pre and post-construction cleaning have their own importance and you need to include both while planning.

  • Importance of Pre-construction Cleaning

Construction can be very messy and dirty. You might have been sceptical when you first began your project. But it does not have to be that way. As we are all aware, building a new house or office comes with a lot of mess, dust and debris. It won’t just be messy but it will also make it a lot harder for others to work there. Site cleaning before construction will ensure

  • Tripping hazards are removed
  • Dust that can impact health is taken care of
  • Obstacles are removed
  • The buildup of construction waste is avoided
  • Sharp and dangerous rubble is disposed of
  • Importance of Post-construction Cleaning

Would you be okay moving into a place filled with dust, debris, and stains? Whether you are a new homeowner or a builder, you would not want to hand over the dirty property. The post-construction cleaning is also known as entry, move-in, or after-build cleaning. It is all about transforming a post-construction building into a well-finished property.

What Is Included in Before and Post-Construction Cleaning?

Our professionals are available for quick and effective site cleaning services in South East Melbourne. Here’s what is included in our services.

  • Pre-construction cleaning

An initial survey will be done before any work begins. Our professionals will determine the things that need to be removed and how they will be done. The scope of work, waste disposal strategies, and potential impacts will be discussed. Specialised tools and techniques will be used to remove everything from metal, and brick to trees and other garbage. We will handle everything without causing any damage to the surrounding area.

  • Post-Construction cleaning

Once construction is done, a lot of junk will be left behind. It can be stressful and time-consuming to fix everything. It is better to outsource the work to us. We will clean up the mess and make the space liveable. A cleaning program will be customised to suit the specific needs of your property. All the dust and debris will be removed through dusting and cleaning.

Construction Site Clean Up with Tata Excavations

With our professional pre and post-construction cleaning services, Tata Excavations aims to reduce the time between the project completion and moving to your new space. Here are a few benefits you will enjoy when you hire our professionals.

  • Safety

Before and after construction, dust, debris and materials will be left behind which can pose a serious safety concern for you and your construction workers. Our professionals have the experience and knowledge to complete the job effectively. We will clean up the site without any damage.

  • Proper waste disposal

Building site clean-up and waste disposal is not an easy job. You cannot toss the junk into any trash can. Rules and regulations are in place to prevent such acts. You will likely get into trouble or have to pay a hefty fine if you try to dispose of construction waste without proper knowledge. It is better to leave the job to the professionals instead of trying to pull off a midnight mission to throw the junk away.

  • Save time

You need not look for the right cleaning materials or products. Our professionals will clean up the site efficiently. We strive to perform a thorough and prompt cleaning that will meet your expectations.

  • Save money

You might feel that doing the cleaning job all by yourself will help save money, but it is not the case. Think about the time and money you will be spending on cleaning supplies, hiring workers and bargaining with them. Hiring us will cost you less money and guarantee a hassle-free experience.

  • Thorough cleaning

One of the major benefits you will enjoy is the quality of work that we offer. Our professionals will thoroughly clean and transform your building.

Why Choose Us As Construction Site Cleaner?

When you hire Tata Excavations for commercial construction site cleaning, you not only save time and money but will also be relieved of stress. You can focus on other important things while our professionals do their job. Be it residential, commercial or industrial site cleaning services, we have them all. You will get quality cleaning services regardless of the size of your project.

You can call us on 0499 660 038 or write to us at to know more about our services in Campbellfield, Melbourne.

Dry dusting is the best way to clear dust particles without fouling up the freshly plastered and decorated surface. However, depending on the type of surface, you may also use a damp microfibre towel.
Construction site dust can cause serious damage to your health. Breathing construction dust for a long time can cause diseases such as lung cancer, silicosis, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). If exposed for a long time, it can even cause death.
Before the process begins, you may wish to do the following:

  • Dust all the surfaces including ceilings, walls, door frames, baseboards and window sills
  • Clean all the glass surfaces, mirrors and windows
  • Vacuum and sweep all the floors including hardwood, tile, carpets, and linoleum

The standard cleaning procedures for buildings include the following

  • Pre-cleaning
  • Main clean
  • Rinse
  • Disinfection
  • Final rinse
  • Drying

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