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Are you looking for a professional civil road works contractor inSouth East Melbourne? Your search ends with Tata Excavations. We have years of experience in building concrete road base driveways for all kinds of properties. Depending on the nature of the project, we can offer generic or specialised services. You can trust us with the scope of work, pricing and timeline.

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Driveways are not just for cars, they also serve as a play area and a convenient workspace for all kinds of projects. With time, driveways might show signs of distress such as cracks, heave, and spalling. You can renew or replace your driveway with the help of professionals.

What is a road base?

Road base is the foundation of driveways and roads in situations where using asphalt is cost-prohibitive. They are a great alternative to typical solid concrete and can be mixed with cement for added durability. It is a cost-effective solution that will not crack and is easy to install. When compacted at a reasonable depth, it can be very strong.

How are Concrete Road Base Driveways Constructed?

Concrete kerbs and driveways are a great option for any property. They make parking and driveways a lot smoother, quieter and more attractive. Construction of such a driveway involves these steps:

  • Demolition and removal

Heavy machineries such as forklifts, bobcats, trucks and loaders will be used for the demolition and removal of debris.

  • Grading and sloping

Preparing the surface for appropriate water drainage. The surface will be graded to ensure that water runs off smoothly. This will help prevent cracks, potholes, and heaving.

  • Preparing the sub-base

Sub-base is one of the most important parts of driveway construction. It will provide a stable surface to support the new pavement and driveway kerb edging. It also acts as a foster barrier to help reduce winter damage due to thawing and freezing.

  • Proof roll, undercutting and sub-base repair

Once the sub-base is compacted and graded, proof rolling will be done. It involves driving a fully loaded dump truck row by row over the entire surface. If the gravel flexes more than an inch under the weight of the truck, it means the base is not supported properly. Soft spots will be removed using undercutting. It involves digging and replacing the underlying soft clay with a stronger material.

  • Binder and surface course

Once the soft spots are repaired and the sub-base is laid out thoroughly, it is time to add the binder. It will be a layer of large aggregate mixed with oil for strength and durability.

  • Installing the new surface

A top layer will be added to provide a smooth and clean ride. The layer will be made of small aggregators, sand and oil.

  • Final roll

The entire surface will be compacted and smoothened using a roller truck. This will ensure that there are no small aggregator bumps or stone poking through the new surface.

Guttering Repairs and Replacement with Tata Excavations

Gutters installation and downpipes are a home’s principal elements that help drain away roof water during rainfall. Maintaining a proper gutter system makes them last longer and helps keep the foundation intact. When guttering and downpipes are damaged, they look unsightly and damage the rest of your home. Tata Excavations offers professional guttering repairs and replacement services to ensure your property is well-maintained.

Here are a few signs that your gutter needs repairs.

  • Sagging gutter

When there is a heavy downpour, the gutter becomes weak due to the large volume of water flowing through it. Gutters are made up of flexible materials that will bend or sag under a large volume of water. Sagging will cause water to accumulate at a certain section of the gutter which will lead to overflowing and eventually damage.

  • Leaking

Leaks are a common issue at the joints where the gutters connect. Leaking might happen due to holes and cracks in the gutter. Sunlight and heavy winds often cause cracks in the gutter. Ignoring leaks will only lead to further damage and expensive repairs.

  • Overflowing

Water overflowing through the lengths of your gutter might be due to the following

  • Small gutter and downpipe
  • Clogged gutter or downpipe
  • Sagging gutter section
  • Paint peeling and stains

Stains and peeling of the paint in your gutter are an indication of water retention. This means that your gutter is not draining the rainwater properly and will eventually lead to a damaged foundation.

  • Flooding around foundation

Gutters direct the rainwater from your roof to protect the foundation from waterlogging. If you notice water pools near the gutter, it means that the gutter system is faulty. It could be due to incorrect installation or a faulty waterspout.

  • Rust or mould in the gutter

A visual inspection will easily show you rust and mould. Rust can be treated and cleaned if it is at mild intensity. The presence of mould indicates that water is stagnant and your gutter is blocked or the gutter placement is not right.

Why Choose Us for Civil Concrete Work?

Choosing the right civil work contractor is essential for the success of your project. Here’s why you should choose Tata Excavations:

  • Quality workmanship
  • End-to-end management
  • Heavy-duty equipment and tools
  • Qualified professionals
  • Competitive prices
  • Experienced project management

You can call us on 0499 660 038 or email us at to know more about our services in Campbellfield and Melbourne.

If installed properly, concrete driveways have the longest-lasting surface and are practically maintenance-free.
Clogging is one of the most common problems with gutters. When it is clogged, it won’t drain properly, and water will overflow and damage the foundation.

A few signs that your gutter needs replacement include

  • Cracks, splits, separated gutters
  • Peeling paint or rust
  • Gutters are sagging
  • Dirt channel or pooling water
  • Basement flooding

You can prevent gutter damage by

  • Cleaning the gutter and downspouts
  • Installing gutter guards
  • Installing right-sized gutter
  • Install splash guards
  • Inspect gutters for tilt and slope

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